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Temos na nossa equipa mais de 40 instrutores com um total combinado de +55.000 horas de experiência de voo, temos muito orgulhamo na nossa equipa altamente qualificada e dedicada que, dia após dia, dá o seu melhor para lhe proporcionar um formação de elevada qualidade, dando sempre o melhor para o sucesso dos nosso alunos.

Carlos Amaro Sevenair Academy

Carlos Amaro

AM – Accountable Manager

As a lawyer, Carlos Amaro has been involved in a large number of operations in Europe and Middle East in particular. Has an extensive experience as a consultant and as a liaison with the corporate world. Holds a flight crew license with single, multi engine and instrument ratings and has logged thousands of hours.

Vitor Campos

HT – Head of Training

Vitor Campos has several years of experience as Head of Operations in the aeronautical field. Was responsible for aircraft maintenance, fleet management, quality assurance and flight planning. Joined the Academy in 2015 assuming functions as Sevenair’s Compliance & Safety Manager. Since February 2018 holds the position of head of training. Holds a Flight crew license with single, multi engine, instrument and flight instructor ratings and has logged thousands of hours.

Sergio Leal Sevenair Academy

Sérgio Leal

DHT – Deputy Head of Training

Sérgio Leal is a professional pilot working on Sevenair’s regional lines as Dornier 228 and Jetstream 32 pilot in Multi Pilot Operations, acting as F/O and Captain. He has ratings of Examiner, Flight Instructor (VFR, IFR, Single Engine, Multi-Engine, Simulator) and Ground Instructor as well as TRI on the Dornier 228 and Jetstream
31/32 types.

Arménio Sá Sevenair Academy

Arménio Sá

CTKI – Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor

Arménio Sá has a long experience and deep knowledge of military and civil aviation as executor, planner, teacher and instructor. Invited Teacher at Lusófona University and a Consultant for aeronautical industry, Arménio is a Portuguese Air Force Lieutenant-Colonel Navigator (retired) and is currently Sevenair’s Chief Theoretical Flight Instructor.

João Vieira Sevenair Academy

João Vieira

DCTKI – Deputy Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor

João Vieira holds both EASA and FAA helicopter pilot license, having trained both in Europe and USA. He has a Bachelor in Motorsport Engineering and Design, having worked for several years in the automotive industry. He is currently Sevenair’s Deputy Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor.

Miguel Sancho

CFI – Chief Flight Instructor

Miguel Sancho has a wide experience in Aviation having started as Aircraft Maintenance Technician in the Portuguese Air Force followed by TAP, Air Columbus, Sterling European and Star Air Maintenance until 1999. Simultaneously in1989 took its CPL/IFR training and ATPL later in 2002. Started working has Flight Engineer in 1990 in B727-100/200 at Air Columbus, Sterling European, Star Air. As a pilot in Commercial Aviation since 1999 having flown has First Officer in B727-100, B737-300/400, B747-400, A310 at Star Air, SATA International and Air Atlanta and has a Captain on Airbus A320 and A310. He got the FI rating in 1990, getting seriously involved in Instruction since 2000 in parallel to the Commercial Pilot activity. Holds FI rating (VFR, IFR, Single Engine, Multi-Engine, Simulator) and Theoretical Instructor as well Examiner for the same ratings. Has been a complaince auditor for 7 years. Holds a Bachelor in Aeronautical Sciences degree. He’s currently the CFI – Chief Flight Instructor

Rita Almeida Sevenair Academy

Rita Almeida

COPS – Chief of Operations

Rita has worked in several aviation companies in Portugal, mostly related with pilot training. She has skills in logistics, planning and operations. Since 2018, holds the function of Chief of Operations.

Filipe Albuquerque Sevenair Academy

Filipe Albuquerque

CMM/SMM – Compliance Monitoring Manager / Safety Monitoring Manager

Filipe Albuquerque has several years of experience in the fields of compliance and safety in aviation. Has worked in the Portuguese civil aviation authority and in several airlines and private operators. Since 2018 assumes the function of Sevenair’s Compliance and Safety Monitoring Manager.

Cátia Chambel

Training Manager Part 147

Cátia Chambel is a psychologist by training, operates in the aviation technical field since 2014 having in-depth knowledge about flight maintenance systems. Since 2016 works with Sevenair being responsible for the Maintenance Technician Training, part 147 course, a high-level training system in accordance with EASA Regulations.

Henrique Rios

Examination Manager Part 147

Henrique Rios has a deep experience in the aviation technical field. Graduated in 2013 in Aeronautical Sciences, has been improving his skills in aircraft maintenance engineering on several companies. Joined Sevenair in 2016 as Examination Manager Part 147.


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