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Modular ATPL(A)

ATPL Integrated Programme

Sevenair Academy offers EASA Integrated Airline Transport Pilot License for Aeroplanes (ATPL-A) training from its facilities in Cascais (LPCS) and Ponte de Sor (LPSO), Portugal.

The integrated ATPL(A) course takes aspiring pilots with little or no experience through theoretical knowledge training, single and multi-engine piston aircraft flying, Performance Based Navigation (PBN), Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC) and Upset Prevention and Recovery (UPRT) to graduate with a frozen ATPL(A) license.

On the successful completion of the course the student graduates with an EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) Commercial Pilot License CPL(A) with Single engine (SEP), Multi Engine (MEP) and Instrument (IR) Ratings which allows to start a career as a pilot on commercial passenger or cargo aircraft. The EASA license is accepted in all EASA member states (32 countries) and widely around the globe.

Integrated Programme Timeline

Funding Options

For those candidates requiring a loan Sevenair Academy has two active agreements:

  • ABANCA. Tiago Tavares | | +351 931 716 625.
  • Novobanco. Luis Damião | | +351 218836440.

EASA Integrated ATPL(A) Details

  • Ground School Schedule: Monday to Friday from 09h30 to 17h30
  • Flight training schedule: Every day including weekends and according to scheduling
  • Duration: Approximately 18 to 24 months, subject to scheduling
  • Required Experience: Little or none
  • Locations: Cascais and Ponte de Sor
  • Training: State-of-the-art facilities, latest-generation simulator devices and modern aircraft equipped with glass cockpit avionics

Admission Requirements

  • Age — Be at least 17 to submit an application 
  • Education — High school level (Portugal) or international equivalent 
  • Maths and Physics — Mathematics and Physics from high school or equivalent. If the student has a different high school origin she/he must demonstrate knowledge in this area(s) during the assessment. 
  • English language — Be fluent in English (verbal and written). Non-native English speakers must achieve English Language Proficiency ICAO level 4 
  • Medical — Be able to obtain EASA Class 1 Medical certificate. 
  • Visas — Have the unrestricted right to live, study and work in the European Union or Switzerland or be able to be eligible for a Visa 
  • Background and Selection — Produce a clean Criminal Record 
  • Check (CRC) basic disclosure certificate 
  • Assessment — Computer-based aptitude testing, personality questionnaire, cognitive reasoning, control and coordination, maths & physics, English language and competency based interviews 

Steps to Become a Pilot

  1. Pilot Readiness Indicator: Our pilot readiness assessment evaluates your preparedness for a pilot career. The test covers Mathematics, English, Cognitive skills, and Physics. After completion, you’ll receive a detailed report with valuable insights and guidance for your journey towards becoming a pilot.

  2. Maths & Physics: Sharpen your Maths & Physics skills with free online materials from PadPilot, our Theory Training Partner.

Selection Process:
  1. Once we review all applications and confirm that you meet our entry criteria, our Onboarding Team will invite you to participate in our initial web-based selection process. This phase includes online psychometric, numeracy, and aptitude assessments.

  2. To assess your suitability for the course, we use the Symbiotics assessment platform, which helps determine your core competencies crucial for a successful start to the program, including engaging in various non-technical activities.

  3. Following the initial assessments, the next stage involves an online interview conducted by one of our experienced Psychologists. This interview further assesses your potential and suitability for the training program.

  4. Throughout your training, we remain dedicated to helping you develop the essential skills, knowledge, and attitude required for a successful career as a commercial pilot. Our goal is to provide comprehensive support and guidance throughout your aviation journey.

Feel free to reach out to us for any inquiries or to kickstart your aviation dreams!


ATPL(A) Integrated

July 8 (Ponte de Sor)
September 9 (Ponte de Sor)
September 12 (Cascais)
November 11 (Ponte de Sor)
November 12 (Cascais)

Flight Instructor

June 3
September 25


July 17
November 20


The pilot will be holder of an CPL(A) Flight Crew License with ATPL(A) Theory frozen endorsed with the following class and rating:
SEP (land)
MEP (land)

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