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New Partnership Signed with CDA

Sevenair Academy and Centro de Divulgação Aeronáutica (CDA) have signed [...]

Professional Piloting – Not Only for Men

Women have been flying powered aircraft since 1908; prior to [...]

Balance of 2020 at Sevenair Academy Key numbers to remember

Even being completely grounded for more than 2 months and [...]

37% of all Cascais Airport Training Movements

In 2020 Sevenair Academy pilot training activity at Cascais Airport [...]

ATPL Pilot Training — Why Begin Now?

Never have unprecedented and unexpected words made so much sense [...]

Sevenair Academy opts for a New Alsim ALX Simulator

The Alsim ALX provides single engine piston, twin engine piston [...]

Aeronautical English examination center

Sevenair Academy is now an aeronautical English examination center certified [...]

Sevenair has invested in 10 new aircraft

Sevenair Academy has invested a total of 1.5 million euros [...]

Sevenair Academy New Tecnam Aircraft P2010 and P2006T

Read and know more about the new Tecnam Aircraft P2010 [...]


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