6 Seats Left for September

Flight Instructor Course


Duration: 4 Months (2 Theory + 2 Flight Training)

Investment: 12.000€

Enrollment fee: 2.000€; Paid while signing the enrollment agreement to secure your seat;

Remaining value: 2.500€/month for 4 months.


Flight instruction: 31h30m;

Theory instruction: 132h;


  • Pilot Aptitude Test;
  • Basic mental abilities;
  • Composite mental abilities;
  • Operational abilities;
  • Socio-interpersonal abilities;
  • Personality traits
  • Psychologist interview;
  • Proficiency-check: 01H00


  • Sevenair Academy Kit
  • Digital platforms;
  • VFR Charts;
  • Uniform.


  • FI Theory exam;
  • FI Skill test;


  • We will offer an internship to our top students!


Minimum of 18 years old;

Have completed 20H VFR cross-country in class as PIC;

Must hold a CPL(A) license; or hold a PPL License but have completed the CPL theory and have completed at least 200H flight totals aircraft, of which 150H as PIC;

Have completed at least 30H SEP of which at least 5H in the last 6 months before admission flight;

Have completed during the course a cross-country with 300nm in which should have made the final two landings at two different aerodromes.

Hold a Class 1 Medical Certificate;

Pass a psychometric assessment;

Proficiency-check flight with a Senior Flight Instructor.

* – Minimum requirements based on FCL.915.FI and FCL.930.FI (a).
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Aeroporto de Cascais, Hangar 14
2785-632 São Domingos de Rana
Tel +351 937 127 127

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